Our Story


Our story began over a decade ago with a Dalmatian named Mark Anthony. A connoisseur of commercial dog treats with unpronounceable ingredients; he eventually developed itchy pink spots over his body. Shampoos were ineffective and drugs such as Prednisone would be our last resort.

As a holistic health counselor and nutritionist, I know many chemicals used in food production and genetically modified ingredients adversely affect human health. It only made sense that our canine companions could react too. So I began making a simple liver treat using all human grade ingredients.

Within a few weeks, Mark Anthony was back in black and the pink spots were gone for good. Mark Anthony’s legacy lives on in the “Liverace,” a simple treat made of local, pasture-raised hormone and anti-biotic free chicken livers, Bob’s Red Mill organic brown rice and rye flours and filtered water.

We began giving away treats to every dog we knew. They were an instant hit. We added “Emma M’s” plain and peanut, for customers wanting grain free options. After receiving many requests for a gluten free treat, we added our 100% organic, gluten-free “Hairy Porters” and the hip and healthy “Beetniks” to the line-up.

All Dog Mountain Bakery treats are handmade in individual batches from fresh, local and organic ingredients. While some treats tout a laundry list of fruits, vegetables and other ingredients that, while might seem healthy, more ingredients can increase the chance your dog having sensitivity to one of them. We keep our ingredient list simple so we can offer a healthy treat at an affordable price. After all, a treat is just that…a treat and not a main food source for your canine companion.

Today, Mark Anthony’s legacy lives on in my third Dalmatian, Henry who is featured on our “Liverace” treat label. Our brown mutt, Emma is the inspiration for the Emma M’s and our Blue Heeler, Porter is the perfect “Hairy Porter.”

At Dog Mountain Bakery, our mission is to create fun and healthy treats while supporting our local economy and the love of dogs.

Meet Our Team!

Henry, Treat Tester

Henry is our Dalmatian. We have had him for 10 and half amazing years. There were nine puppies in his litter with only three males and he chose me. I was lucky enough to see him shortly after he was born and to see his spots develop.

Henry is a Dalmatian that is true to his breed. He is a perfect horse dog. He herds, makes sure the trail is clear for us, alerts us to hikers or mountain bikes, and also thinks it is his job to find water for us. He is also my very favorite mountain bike partner. In his younger years he could run 23 mph!

I have had a love for Dalmatians for many years and it is because of their unique allergies that I developed these treats.

I feel privileged to have had so many spots in my life.
Henry is featured on our Liverace treat bag playing the grand piano in the Columbia Gorge.

Emma, Treat Tester

Emma is our rescue dog. She was found trotting the streets of Yakima, Washington all alone when she was about 9 weeks old. Someone found her, called the local rescue and she was promptly picked up by the puppy van. She was placed with foster parents until we saw her online and fell in love with her cute little face. After the grueling process of proving ourselves worthy parents we brought her home. What a happy day it was for all of us!

Emma is a mix of several breeds. She is independent, happy, and loves everyone. She cannot conrol her LICKER and bathes everyone especially small children every chance she gets. Being the only girl she is the queen of the house and excersises her authority over the boys every day. Her favorite toy when she was a puppy was Henry. She absolutely fell in love with him when we brought him home.

Emma is featured on the Emma M’s bag of treats hiking on a Pacific Northwest trail.

Porter, Treat Tester

Porter is our little Blue Healer. He is smart, quick, and loyal to the core. He was born near our horse barn therefore we saw him on a regular basis. He had 7 siblings. We had no interest in having 3 dogs but as the weeks went by all of his siblings had been adopted but him. No one wanted him because he had a solid grey face without a patch over an eye like the rest of the puppies.

We played with him at the barn and carried him around the horses for weeks until I just had to bring him home. He was with me 24 hours a day as a puppy and if you know herding dogs and their unique loyalty he is stuck to me like velcro to this day.

He is very compact and easy to take on trips. He loves to carry his backpack on the trails and when he is tired he asks me to pick him up so that he can ride on my horse.

Porter is featured on the Hairy Porter treat bag waiving his wand to make more gluten free treats. He is very hairy. I think his eyeballs are the only part of him that do not have any hair.